Stereotypes in The Little Mermaid

I slightly agree with the argument that Ariel would give up her voice to be with the man she wanted to be with but I think that is because Ursula was urging her into making that decision and she was under pressure. I think that the stereotypes dont come into play too much here but it is more the pressure of the situation.

The Lion King

In the 1994 film The Lion King, there are many scenes that reinforce many dominant narratives and stereotypes of the creatures and environments of Africa. The movie contains a wild and primitive land with no human life. Showing stereotypical environments, like wide open savanna landscapes, and stereotypical animal roles, which include lions being the king of the jungle. During the beginning of the movie, the viewer is shown stereotypes about Africa’s landscapes and terrain. Showing the viewer a wide savanna landscape with the sun rising in the background, which is often used in the media when talking about Africa. Reinforcing those single stories about Africa to the current and younger generations

The Little Mermaid’s Thesis

I agree with the group when they said “It also supports the dominant narrative because by the end of the story, she changes for a man.” Throughout the entire movie her whole mission is to end up with him and she does whatever it takes to be with him even if it means losing her voice. This whole idea that she needs to change her body for a man can negatively impact its younger audience.