Internment by Samira Ahmed

Internment by Samira Ahmed is a beautifully written book that is intended to both educate and scare the reader. Not in the sense that it is terribly violent (though it does have its scenes), but it is a projection of the future based off of America’s history.

The main character is Layla Amin, a seventeen-year-old Muslim American. Her family is forced into an internment camp with other Muslims, forcing Layla to leave her life behind, and the conditions there are very bad. Due to this, Layla and a few of her new friends decide that they want to fight back against the Director.

I highly recommend reading this book, it was eye opening and inspiring, and the characters are well developed with incredible motivations and personalities. It only took me a few days to read because of how well it hooks the reader. It is 275 pages long.