Rebound book update

Rebound by Kwame Alexander starts with an immediate good time which takes a dramatic turn. Every year Charlie Bell and his family would make a trip to upstate New York. Until something tragic happened. Charlie Bell and his family have to adapt to this new change. This book shows real-life problems that occur to many families around the world when the families are going through a hard time and just lost a loved one. 

Reading Update:When Dimple met Rishi

The book When Dimple Met Rishi starts of with a girl who is passionate about web developing, it shows the struggles of a women trying to accomplish things without being brought down and told “your job is to be a good wife”. Dimple struggles with this problem and constantly fights with her mother about this issue. Dimple is not seen to be an average girl because is feisty, wears glasses and wears traditional Indian clothing. It hooks you by talking about a character being passionate about something and arguing on how her life doesn’t revolve around getting a husband. other than that you have to read more to get hooked.

The narrative in a woman’s life that she can’t make anything of herself unless she has a husband is a really popular narrative which is bad to put onto anyone. It shows you what kind of things people do for their loved ones and how they care. She really cares about what she wants to do in the future and that makes you want to know what happens in that future. It shows commitment and dedication.

Batman Zero Year-Secret City

Batman, Volume 4: Zero Year – Secret City by Scott Snyder

Wonderful art, great characters, smooth and dynamic storytelling, with a healthy dose of action. Very good book. Love the ways that it ties together with the rest of the Batman universe, featuring characters and teases that may not have had much performance yet, but certainly have much to come.

Reading Update: Last Night at The Telegraph Club

Last Night at The Telegraph Club, by Malinda Lo, starts with a short prologue. The main character is thirteen, watching a Miss Chinatown pageant with her best friend. I think this worked really well at setting the scene for the rest of the book. We learn about the main character, Lily, and her relationship with her best friend. You can also get a good sense of how Lily thinks, and the themes for the rest of the book. The story is set in the 50’s, in Chinatown in San Francisco. The setting is set very well, for example, when Lily goes to a department store with her mom. The author doesn’t spend a lot of time describing the physical environment, but the mood is clear. You learn about how Lily’s Mom’s personality and views compare to hers, and how Lily acts around her mom compared to what she thinks.

The Secrets of Eastercliff by the Sea (update)

So far the book The Secrets of Eastercliff by the Sea is about a family who gets invited to a dinner mysteriously and they must take their sock monkeys. Sock monkeys were given to them by their grandma at birth and she gave every grandchild one. So far the book is kind of slow and I’m starting to lose patience but I am trying to give the book patience to see if it gets better.