The Inheritance Games Book 2- Review

The Inheritance Games is a series that has a third book coming out soon. I recently just finished book 2, “The Hawthorne Legacy” that has a detailed and intriguing story line like the first book. It follows the story of The Hawthorne’s, a very wealthy family in Texas. When the uncle and keeper of all the money dies, an ordinary girl named Avery is called to the Hawthorne property for the reading of the will. The books follow Avery and the Hawthorne brothers as they try to solve mysteries that the old man left behind for them, and figure out why Avery is there in the first place. I recommend reading the books in order, as the 2nd book wouldn’t make sense without reading the 1st one first. The second book however, keeps the story going with new events that keep you interested.

Book Update: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I’ve been reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide for the last few weeks, about up to page 155, and it is a comedy book without a doubt, there are a few jokes I don’t understand due to the characters being British and the author being British but other than that the book has been hilarious. So far the earth has been blown up to construct a galactic super-highway, the president of the galaxy stole the fastest ship in the galaxy, and two nuclear missiles have been turned into a sentient pot of petunias and a blue whale. The book is awesome and I’d recommend it 100%.