“August slipped away into a moment in time”

The song written by Taylor Swift “august” from the album folklore is an example of poetry. Through the song Taylor is reminiscing over a past relationship. She is expressing how her past boyfriend leaving didn’t just end the relationship it ruined the memory’s that went along with it making the whole relationship mean less.

A line Taylor uses in her chorus is,

August slipped away into a moment in time 'Cause it was never mine

This line uses diction and word choice to have us reflect on what Taylor is trying to say. The line is saying that after the relationship ended she began to realize that the “love” or passion they had never meant anything at all. That whatever they had should be left behind with the past.

Will you call when you're back at school? I remember thinkin' I had you

This line helps us come to a conclusion with some of the back round of the relationship. We can infer that since their relationship was in august eventually the love interest would have to go back to school meaning that their relationship wasn’t sure to continue. After he went back to school he must have dumped her or stopped calling her. Which is why Taylor is now reflecting and realizing that it never could have been more than it was.

Another important line is

 Back when I was livin' for the hope of it all

Taylor uses this line to show us the contrast of who she was back then and how she has developed mentally. She used to live for an idea. The idea that this relationship was more then it was. Since Taylor uses past tense we can assume she reflected and now realizes part of her has always known the relationship wasn’t going to last. That the memory’s now belonged in the past.

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