Music Poetry “Crazy Story Pt. 3”

King Von’s Song “Crazy Story Pt. 3” is not just a song but a poem. In the poem King Von uses poetic devices to make you feel like you’re in the story he is telling. Crazy Story Pt 3 is a song in which Von is telling his friends a story that happened between him and his opps:

the double cross
Tryna get me caught
Like I'm Randy Moss.

This simile that Von says shows how he thought he had a deal with someone but they set him up.

 "I say, s***, I'm just coolin' b***, 
I'm not from 63rd." 

The use of 63rd is what Von uses a lot when he talks about his opps. So saying this is saying how he is better then them.

"Made it to the hood, 
everything went good Knock on wood,
flame me up a 'Wood
Tooka smellin' good, looked at my phone."

The use of knock on wood is Von saying how hes hoping everything is good after he had an encounter with the opps.

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