Miss Missing You: Music Poetry

The song “Miss Missing You” by Fall Out Boy (lyrics here) is a poetic song because it utilizes poetic language. It compares ‘you’ (as in the person the singer is singing to) to “a picket fence,” showing that this person’s partner was their symbol of normalcy. It has a striking line as well, saying “the person you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.” This emphasizes a feeling of betrayal typically associated with breakups. The final example of an interesting line is “cue all the love to leave my heart,” which comes across as the subject sarcastically saying that all the feeling will simply vanish, perhaps comparing to the way the breakup seemed sudden and irrational. The main line and the title, “miss missing you” implies that the person singing the song does not miss the person they were in a relationship with, but misses the feeling of being in a relationship. The concept of this song is fitted around the idea of getting out of a relationship, but missing the feeling of loving someone rather than the person themselves.

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