Music Poetry (Hall of Fame)

The song “Hall of Fame” by the Script in their album #3 is a very poetic and heavy song in the way of getting someone to feel something more than just the song itself. The song is about it being possible for you or anyone to do anything, you could be anything you wanted to be and do whatever you wanted to do. This song is full of deeper meanings than the ones clear as day on the surface of the song. One lyric “Cause you burn with the brightest flame” is a metaphor because you obviously aren’t on fire but the song makes it seem that you would stand out, people would notice you. Another lyric “You can walk straight through hell with a smile” this is also a metaphor and has the deeper meaning that you can walk through your terrifying obstacles with a smile on your face on your way to your goal, the Hall of Fame. The last lyric that is a reference to this song being poetic is “You can move a mountain” I don’t know anyone who can move a mountain which means that this is probably a metaphor for being able to do anything that would seem impossible. The song “Hall of Fame” by the Script can be considered a poetic song due to it’s multidimensional language.

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