Poetry in Music-Mr Blue Sky and The People we Should Be

Mr Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra is one example of poetry in music, telling a short story about how much people love nice weather, but with a deeper hidden meaning of the joy of being around those who make us happy. As the chorus goes: Hey there Mr.Blue/We’re so pleased to be with you/look around see what you do/everybody’s watching you.” On the surface, it seems the lyrics are speaking directly to the sky, about how the nice weather is making everyone happy, but another interpretation is of a relative person, someone who makes us and other people happy by being kind and supportive, and is sort of a narrative of what kind of person we should be.

Another point when the song expresses this is during one of the verses, describing Mr.Night sneaking up behind Mr. Blue and taking his place, followed by the lyrics talking about “remembering” Mr. Blue, as though he has disappeared. On the surface, it appears to simply talk about the change from day to night, but deeper it could reflect people attempting to take over the lives of others, such as bullies or manipulative acquaintances.

In the end, the song is about the kind of people that we should be, people who help others and bring joy into their lives, told through the perspective of the sky.

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