“The Drugs Don’t Work” – Music Poetry

The song is named “The Drugs Don’t Work”, it is sung by the 90s British band named The Verve, and it is featured on their album called Urban Hymns from 1997 (The Drugs Don’t Work). Richard Ashcroft, vocalist and author of the song, claims that he wrote it for a loved one. He goes on further to say that the song was about how one’s love is predestined and if one of them dies, then they shall meet again eventually. The Drugs Don’t Work is certainly open to interpretation, but most that resonate with it state the song reminds them of a loved one that struggled with substance abuse.

The idea of meeting a loved one again is strongly represented in the following lines: “Now the drugs don’t work. / They just make you worse / But I know I’ll see your face again,” “If heaven falls, I’m coming too,” and in “You leave my life, I’m better off dead” The lines express a balance between melancholy and hope. The melancholia being the fact that they have died and the hope being the thought of seeing them again. The Drugs Don’t Work is like poetry since it is able to convey the mixture of opposite emotions without necessarily comparing them. That is what humanity is all about, ambivalence.  

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