Dynamic or Static- an analysis

In Daniel Jose Older’s short story A Stranger at the Bochinche, the main character Ramses is a static character. This is shown through Ramese’s devotion to Rosie, his girlfriend. A ‘stranger’ from a rival group causes mischief and steals Rosie’s notebook. Daniel says, right after the stranger does this, “Ramses hadn’t said a word in as long as anyone had known him. Rosie knew how to read the tiny details of his face like it was a language of its own.” As stated before, Rosie and Ramses seem to have a solid relationship. After this, Rosie and Ramses chase down the stranger to get back Rosie’s notebook. When they find it they say, “You have my notebook?” Rosie whispered. Ramses nodded, barely suppressing his smile. He knew what to do.“Then let’s go,” Rosie said, clutching him tightly. Though this is an isolated incident and probably not the best story to fit the prompt, I do feel like Rosie and Ramses’ relationship is a strong example of a static character.

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