Fresh Ink:Superhuman-Dynamic Characters Argument

In the Fresh Ink short story “Superhuman,” written by Nicola Yoon, the protagonist Syrita, is tasked with stopping the superhero X from destroying all of humanity. In the story, after much discussion with X, she realizes that her past beliefs that he was an Alien are proven false, and it is revealed that X is just a normal, hurting Human.

In the story, X is a dynamic character, because he shows many different emotions and opinions throughout. During a flashback near the beginning of the story, we see get to see one side of X’s character.

On page 197, X saves Syrita by grabbing her out of the way of a speeding car, and following that Yoon writes: “After a while he stopped their ascent and they’d hovered in the air for a while. ‘You okay?’ He asked.” As we can see here, X is shown to be caring and compassionate towards the character he saved, showing one side of his character as kind and doing what is right.

However, later in the story, we see another side of X, one that is angry and hurting, after he has decided that he will destroy the human race. The text on page 202 reads, “I think i’m supposed to remind you of your humanity.’ ‘But I have no humanity. I’m an alien. Like Superman. You didn’t hear?’ He makes a noise like a laugh, but it is devoid of joy.” In this text, we see X’s real side, the side of him that is hurting and angry that people can’t recognize him as a human. After he brought himself into the world, everybody started to point out his race but also that he probably was an alien like superman and therefore did not have a race, or was even human. This hurt him, and was one of the reasons why he gave up on humanity.

This is why X from the Fresh Ink story “Superhuman” is a dynamic character, on one side he is kind and compassionate, doing what is right to protect others, but on the other side he is angry and hurt that people aren’t able to recognize him as a fellow human being.