Fresh Ink Choice Reading- Super Human character development

In the coming of age story Super Human by Nicola Yoon, Syrita is a dynamic character who is overwhelmed with and learning from her emotions. She was the first person to ever be saved by the superhero, X, and has been sent to stop him from destroying the world. She first admits that she has changed since being saved: “That’s how Syrita felt about herself too. There was the Syrita she’d been before she was almost killed—rich, frivolous, untouchable. And the Syrita she’d become after, was still becoming, really” (200). Syrita first acknowledges that she is still finding herself and who she is since that traumatic experience happened to her. The visit with X is making her confront a lot of things about herself and her connection with him. Furthermore, she is constantly trying to analyze and understand X to get to the reason why he wants to destroy everything and everyone. “And those black eyes are looking at her with equal parts pain and wrath. She wants to tell him not to be angry, but how can she ask that of him?” (207). She learns that X was shot by police earlier in his life just because of his race, and starts to see a whole new, complex side of him. She realizes that his past experiences are influencing him and his decisions more than she thinks. This allows her to make a big decision that will hopefully bring out the side of him he is losing. “She’s counting on his humanity. She walks over to the edge of the roof and falls backward” (209). Syrita is putting herself at a huge risk to show X that humanity is still valuable, and there is still a lot to live for. Overall, she has to  learn a lot about X and what will convince him to spare the earth during a short period of time, with intense pressure, and everything at risk. There had to be a lot going on for her internally to be able to handle this situation.