Book Review- One of Us Is Lying

Overall, I really liked and recommend One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus. It keeps you interested throughout the whole story, although there are some parts you have to be patient with, especially because the mystery isn’t solved until the end. The sudden, mysterious death of Simon happens at the beginning of the story, and the characters present for it are drawn into the mess that unfolds the rest of the story. Throughout it you learn secrets that contribute to the complexity of the mystery, especially the ones about Simon and the truth behind the sudden death and who was really involved. Almost if not all of the characters featured are dynamic because it really thoroughly describes each individual character’s thoughts along the way. The chapters are set up to rotate through each character’s perspective which also keeps the story very interesting during the entirety of it.

4 thoughts on “Book Review- One of Us Is Lying

  1. nyah t

    I like how the mystery in the book isn’t revealed until the end, and how the entire book is really complex. This book sounds really good


  2. Andy K.

    Judging by your review, I would recommend you read the book ‘Darling Rose Gold’ by Stephanie Wrobel. It’s a great mystery that captivated my attention right away, and everything definitely comes together at the end in a very thrilling way.


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