The Butcher [Reading Update]

I just started reading The Butcher by Laura Kat Young, but it caught my attention right from the beginning. The premise is intriguing and horrifying: a world where people are punished for their crimes by having body parts removed. However, that requires somebody to have the job of removing them—and that duty falls upon the shoulders of the Butcher. I’m not super far through this book just yet, but it’s already become one of my favorites.

The plot does set up a lot of violence, but from what I’ve seen so far, there’s also a lot of psychological elements to it. The world is set up in such a way that it makes the reader and the characters question and discover whether punishing bad acts with more suffering is justifiable. I highly recommend this book for people who like stories that make you think deeply about both the fictional world that’s written and the world we live in.

The Loop Reading Update #3

The Loop, by Ben Oliver, takes place in the future where one man and the government control everything about people’s lives. The book follows a 16 year-old named Luka Kane who’s been wrongly imprisoned in a nightmarish prison, called the loop, where the prisoners are tested on horrible experiments, brutally tortured, and in solitude everyday until they die. But shortly after being in the loop for two years, things begin to change, and the daily routine of the prisoners begin to change.

Where I’m at in the book right now, one of Luka’s friends, Wren, who is a security guard, goes crazy while trying to set him, plus a bunch of other cellmates, free. Trying to kill them for no reason at all. Luka manages to contain her in a cell and escapes from the prison into the city. But, life in the city isn’t any better, it’s actually worse. Almost everyone in the city has gone crazy, as well, with the same thing that Wren has mysteriously gotten. So, Luka goes back to the Loop to form a team in order to find out what’s happening to everyone.

The story is definitely starting to amp up the action. I would highly recommend reading this book.