The Beginning of Everything– Reading Update

The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider is from the point of view of Ezra Faulkner, the main character in the book. Ezra is a dynamic character in general because of his new found situation after he was injured in a car accident. So far he is experiencing his new life, without the same activities and sports he used to be able to do, as well as the relationships in his life that are changing and being introduced. One of them is with Cassidy Thorpe, who I think is the most complex character in the book even though we don’t see her point of view. Cassidy and Ezra quickly become friends because she is new to his school- I think because Ezra feels new too, after coming back from his accident. Cassidy has a history of winning countless debates and organizing fun events at the debate competitions. However now shes dropped out of debate all together. I think there is a reason for her decisions and more to her character in general, because she doesn’t really like to say much about herself.

3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Everything– Reading Update

  1. GRACE F.

    It sounds like Cassidy is going to have a really interesting backstory. I like when stories reveal a character’s backstory after a while and you can finally understand their motives.



    This sounds like a good story. I would really like to see how the author writes the backstory and how they connect it to the character.


  3. Clara L

    I think it’s really interesting how you connected the two characters together and analyzed their relationship by explaining how they both felt new to the school, despite one already being an old student there.


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