Lord of the Flies update

In case you are unfamiliar, Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a classic novel that follows a group of British schoolchildren during world war 2, after their plane crashes onto an uninhabited island. At first they are all content to be without adults and have fun and live a productive life under the rule of charismatic leader Ralph. After many days on the island with no sign of rescue however, things take a turn for the worse for the boys as violent hunter Jack butts heads with Ralph, until eventually everything spirals down to a chaotic and bloody ending that teaches us a valuable lesson on how easily society can crumble, no matter how logical and and reasonable its leaders may be.

I am only about halfway through this novel, but it already has me hooked. I like seeing the contrast between Ralph and Jack, and how their society of young men slowly devolves into a rampage. This story has many valuable lessons and morals, which are tied together by Golding’s old fashioned yet still relevant writing style. Overall I would recommend this to anyone interested in reading an old yet highly enjoyable book.

Solo reading update

Kwame Alexander’s Solo reflects the life of Blade, son of Rutherford Morison, a washed up singer of a famous rock band. During Blade’s high school graduation, as he was supposed to perform an original song to his class, Rutherford crashes it drunk, ruining both his and Blade’s reputation. This coming of age story tells the story of Blade through the summer before he leaves Hollywood for college. The book is in a poetic style of writing. and the format is similar to other books like Crossover, Rebound, and Booked (other books made by Kwame Alexander). If you like music, as well as coming of age stories, I highly recommend it.

Hollywood Through the Eyes of an Honest Alcoholic

In Charles Bukowski’s Hollywood, Henry Chinaski, a 65-year old writer, is writing his first screenplay. Amidst the instability of the movie stars and the continuous drinks that are poured, Chinaki’s screenplay is adapted into a movie. As he navigates the film industry, he witnesses the shallowness of Hollywood and how rare it is to encounter honesty. Despite these surroundings, he is able to maintain his character and not lose sight of his sense of self.

Bukowski’s wit and humor make this narrative very enjoyable to read. His short sentences and blunt commentary showcase how he is above pretentiousness and does not need to prove himself. He was a very talented writer and I look forward to finishing Hollywood and reading more of his works.

Dune Book Update

The book Dune by Frank Herbert is a long and complex book that has an interesting way of writing the different chapters. Throughout the chapters we see the characters through the eyes of a narrator. Not through the perspective of one of the characters. The setting switches usually along with the chapters. At the beginning we are on the planet of Caladan, home world of House Atreides. Then in the second chapter we transition to the home world of the Harkonnen. This switch is disorienting but necessary to get the reader involved in both sides of the story. The main character of the story is the son of Duke Leto, the leader of House Atreides. He was trained by his mother, the Lady Jessica, in the way of the Bene Gesserit, a secret order who seek out a messiah of sorts. Paul seems to be a viable candidate.

The Book Thief – Reading Update

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a well known novel that follows a young girl living in Germany during World War II. I have not made it very far into the book, but so far I am enjoying it. It is very well written with characters that come to life. Not much has happened in the part I have read so far, but I am enjoying getting hooked into the book and learning about the characters.

American born Chinese

this book follows multiple mini stories and can be confusing at times. Each small story has its own roll but they all collide in some way, this story is also a very good representiaon of the struggles of many people being able to make friends or get courage. The book shows off each person’s different and unique abbilitys and use throughout the story. This is a good read it would be a good book to have on hand, This book is also not that long and during the whole time you may get so into the book you will blow through it.

Dawn- Reading Update

Dawn by Octavia Butler is a story set in a post- apocalyptic world where a nuclear war has nearly wiped out humanity. The few remaining survivors are approached by an alien race called the Oankali. The Protagonist of the story, Lilith Lyapo discovers a new world for her self and the rest of man-kind. This story illustrates a magical and unimaginable world through Butlers amazing storytelling.throughout the course of the story. This story contains complex and multi-dimensional characters.

The Loop Reading Update #4

The Loop, by Ben Oliver, takes place in the future where one man and the government control everything about people’s lives. The book follows a 16 year-old named Luka Kane who’s been wrongly imprisoned in a nightmarish prison, called the loop, where the prisoners are tested on horrible experiments, brutally tortured, and in solitude everyday until they die. But shortly after being in the loop for two years, things begin to change, and the daily routine of the prisoners begin to change.

Where I’m at in the book, a lot of action is happening. Luka returns to the facility and frees the 2 A.M. club, a group of people that Wren trusted and would let out at 2 A.M. when the security systems were down. they then debate on whether they should leave or free the other prisoners so that they don’t die. they eventually decide to free the others, but after opening a door with an insanely strong prisoner, they quickly flee and decide to free another prisoner, who is very violent, in order to defeat the strong one. after they free the violent prisoner, Tyco, orders the group to stay and the cell while he fights him off. After a while, Tyco returns but now he wants to kill Luka, we learn that Luka supposedly murdered his younger brother and now wants revenge. The group decides to team up against Tyco and they eventually beat him up and lock him back up in his cell.

The book is amping up the action and it is getting very interesting now, I highly recommend.