The Loop Reading Update #4

The Loop, by Ben Oliver, takes place in the future where one man and the government control everything about people’s lives. The book follows a 16 year-old named Luka Kane who’s been wrongly imprisoned in a nightmarish prison, called the loop, where the prisoners are tested on horrible experiments, brutally tortured, and in solitude everyday until they die. But shortly after being in the loop for two years, things begin to change, and the daily routine of the prisoners begin to change.

Where I’m at in the book, a lot of action is happening. Luka returns to the facility and frees the 2 A.M. club, a group of people that Wren trusted and would let out at 2 A.M. when the security systems were down. they then debate on whether they should leave or free the other prisoners so that they don’t die. they eventually decide to free the others, but after opening a door with an insanely strong prisoner, they quickly flee and decide to free another prisoner, who is very violent, in order to defeat the strong one. after they free the violent prisoner, Tyco, orders the group to stay and the cell while he fights him off. After a while, Tyco returns but now he wants to kill Luka, we learn that Luka supposedly murdered his younger brother and now wants revenge. The group decides to team up against Tyco and they eventually beat him up and lock him back up in his cell.

The book is amping up the action and it is getting very interesting now, I highly recommend.

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