Bound to happen.

The book It Ends With Us by Collen Hoover is already one of my favorites. The story starts while you are still curious and feels like you are just walking into the story. At first, I was confused, but as the story went on, I started to enjoy being able to make my own inferences about characters and upcoming stories. Ultimately this book is a love story- A girl finds a guy on the top of a rooftop and tells him every last ounce about her life. She finds out he is learning to be a neurosurgeon and is extremely wealthy- although he doesn’t say it. Not only did this help me learn about the character but it also helped build the story. While they are talking, the girl (Lily) tells the boy (Ryle) that she has dreams of opening an amazing flower shop. The story picks up 6 months later when she is handed the keys to her new shop. On the first day, some girl around Lily’s age walks into the store asking if she needs help with anything. One thing leads to another and Lily and her (Allysa) become best friends. After some hard work trying to transform the flower shop, Lily falls off a chair and hurts her ankle. Allysa calls her husband, but as he is too drunk to help, he hands the phone to Allysas brother who is apparently a doctor. When they walk in Lily can’t believe who is there.

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