The Dragonfly Effect by Gordon Korman book update

The third book in the Hypnotists trilogy by Gordon Korman is sure to keep you reading, even without reading the first two novels. The plot centers around 12-year-old Jackson Opus, possibly the most mentally powerful being in the universe. Jackson possesses the ability of hypnotism, also known as mind-bending or mesmerism. He is the product of two of the greatest mesmeric bloodlines to ever exist, making him an almost invincible force. In the first and second books, Jax meets his archnemesis: his former teacher, Dr. Elias Mako. Mako is potentially more powerful than Jax, which is why he attempts to kill Jax in the first two books. But after he breaks out of the highest security prison in the U.S., Mako sets a different plan in motion. Not one to hurt Jax, but rather a sinister and twisted plot to take over the world. However, no one will be able to stop him, not even Jax, because no one will be paying attention. In conclusion, this is a solid book with a strong plotline and several twists that help keep you engaged and focused.

The Electric Kingdom — Book update

The book The Electric Kingdom always has me wanting more, its filled with adventure and so far it is just the beginning. The book has every chapter set in a different character’s perspective and that makes it even more interesting. So far they have met up with other groups of people and adventured a lot so I cant wait to read more.