The State of Fear By Michael Crichton Book Update #2

The State of Fear, written by the late Michael Crichton is a science fiction novel about the global warming crisis, only that a group of people is about to make it so much worse. As stated in the last update, people around the world have been gathering supplies for a destructive weapon, with many people being killed in the process. For instance, a seller in Vancouver declined a mysterious man’s offer to buy a submarine. Once the man left, he left his cellphone, in which the seller grabs it and tries to give it back to him, but is electrocuted and dies. A man named Peter is a lawyer for a millionaire named Morton who is involved with a company who is trying to save global warming. Morton won an award for his dedication to stopping global warming but then gets incredibly drunk. Once he had to get up for his speech he announced that he no longer supports his global warming push. After that rough speech, Morton speeds off drunk in his car and gets into a car crash and has either died or gone missing. This book has me very intrigued and I can’t wait what happens next.

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