The Loop Reading Update #5

The Loop, by Ben Oliver, takes place in the future where one man and the government control everything about people’s lives. The book follows a 16-year-old named Luka Kane who’s been wrongly imprisoned in a nightmarish prison, called the loop, where the prisoners are tested on horrible experiments, brutally tortured, and in solitude every day until they die. But shortly after being in the loop for two years, things begin to change, and the daily routine of the prisoners begins to change.

The group finds a way to escape from the loop by climbing the giant wall of their recess area. While trying to get down from the wall, one of the group members falls and breaks her ankle. This creates a conflict in the group as some people want to go find their family, while others want to help the injured friend and look for painkillers. Luka decides to go with the group that wants to help the injured friend to find painkillers. While looking for the painkillers Luka and his friends get split up as a group of Smilers, the people that are infected with this weird virus that turns them into murderous machines, chase them.

The book is amping up the action and it is getting very interesting now, I highly recommend it.

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