‘Salem’s Lot Book Update

‘Salem’s Lot by Steven King is a horror/mystery story about a small town that starts to have a lot of problems flying around when two boys go for a walk in the woods and only one comes out. The book has many interesting characters, and we get to see a little bit of each of them as the book switches perspectives in between them all so that, while the characters might not know what is going on, we the reader are able to piece the puzzle together based on the information that we can gather from the many different points of view that we get. One of the most complex characters in the book is Ben Mears, the main protagonist who the story starts with and seems to revolve around most. He is a dynamic character because of how he changes from when he was younger and more carefree, to being mature and more modest, as well as how he grows to be accustomed to the town since he had just moved in. He is also a round character, in that he shows that he has many different feelings and shows them throughout the book. Ben is an author, and most of his worries revolve around finishing his writing, but he can also make time to have fun with his neighbors, help others out when they need, and be a very responsible person when he needs to be.

Overall, it is a very interesting book, and the characters are very well made. It may take a while before it starts to pick up the action, but it is still a very good read.