enders game

enders game is about a kid named ender who is a genius and is sent to a military program where he tries to make friends and alliances

the story is interesting from the jump and keeps you locked in

All American Boys

Ive been reading this book for a while know and I have to say it one of my favorites.The writing is good and the characters are great there is a real undertone in the book about facing racism and facing what is right and what is wrong. I think everyone should pick up this book if they ever get the chance to at the library I will give it a 9/10.

Book review: All american boys

All american boys is a book about racism in america especially in small neighborhoods

The story is amazing and keeps you reading no matter what there is no boring part of the book

The suspense isn’t very well intercepted into the story but it doesn’t degrade it at all since it doesnt really need it all it needs is its point and story.

if i rated it out of 10 it would be a 9-10