Book Update: The Electric Kingdom

In the book The Electric Kingdom two groups of adventurers are traveling together to a similar destination. While in a forest they get cautious and decide to get out as soon as possible. When they get out of the forest they will part ways and continue their adventure in their own groups.

The Electric Kingdom — Book update

The book The Electric Kingdom always has me wanting more, its filled with adventure and so far it is just the beginning. The book has every chapter set in a different character’s perspective and that makes it even more interesting. So far they have met up with other groups of people and adventured a lot so I cant wait to read more.

Book Update The Electric Kingdom

The book The Electric Kingdom is a really good book it uses different perspectives for each chapter and that really lets the reader know what is going on and what they are thinking. I am at page 220 and it has gotten really interesting with the characters meeting new people and more action going on. I am really invested and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Book review: The Block

The Block, the second book in The Loop trilogy is even more interesting than the first. Luka goes to new places, goes on more adventures, meets new people and obviously almost dies a lot more too. Things get more intense when Happy an AI that sees humans as a cancer steps up its efforts to wipe the final survivors out. I recommend this book to anyone that likes plot twists and adventures.

Music Poetry: “Toms Diner”

In “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega and in the Taste This album. This song tells the story of someone in a diner called Tom’s Diner through their point of view as they go through their morning having coffee. If this was a poem it would have imagery all throughout it as the artist does a good job at describing the scenario and the environment indirectly. This makes the song easy to understand as if you are there. Suzanne Vega uses imagery at lines one, two, three and four the lyrics for these lines are,

I am sitting / In the morning / At the diner / At the corner

This use of language lets the listener or reader know where and when the song takes place by using the words “morning” and “corner” as these words describe when and where. Another example of imagery is at thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen

He is looking / Out the window / At somebody / Coming in

Here you can picture someone looking at a customer walking into the diner as the person at the counter looks at them.

Book Review: The Loop

The Loop by Ben Olivers hooked the reader at the start with the obscure setting of a futuristic prison called The Loop being controlled by an AI called Happy and the world controlled by one government. Luka has been there for quite a while struggling to stay sane. But something is wrong…

It’s a really good book, I highly recommend it.

Stereotypes in The Little Mermaid

I slightly agree with the argument that Ariel would give up her voice to be with the man she wanted to be with but I think that is because Ursula was urging her into making that decision and she was under pressure. I think that the stereotypes dont come into play too much here but it is more the pressure of the situation.