“Ride” By 21 Pilots

“Ride”Blurryface by 21 Pilots is a song to conceptualize, but the theme is also directly implied. I believe it is up for concept because of its indirectness in some areas of the song as the artist uses personification on objects such as the sun to create metaphors of what i infer is the song artists minds and complex thinking. The literary devices used in the indirect areas of the song makes it feel powerful and gives you the same feeling of complex thinking that the artists could be trying to get the consumers/ audience to relate to. I also believe it is directly implied because the 21 pilots are literally explaining their thoughts, feelings and complex feelings within the lyrics.

My concept of the song is a deep indication on the artists minds and complex thinking because of the first (indirect) six striking lines in the lyrics . ” i just wanna stay in the sun where i find, i know its hard sometimes. Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind, i know it’s hard sometimes. Yeah, i think about the end just way too much, but its fun to fantasize” These lyrics indicate that the song is up for complex conception and the show the speakers wanting of what i infer is to stay on earth ( “i just wanna stay in the sun”) and is aware of the troubles and small “pieces of peace” but has the understanding that it will come to an end and is ready for it (“But its fun to fantasize”).

“I’d die for you” that’s easy to say, We have a list of people that we would take, A bullet for them, a bullet for you, A bullet for everybody in this room, But I don’t seem to see many bullets coming through, See many bullets coming through, Metaphorically, I’m the man But literally, I don’t know what I’d do

“I’d live for you” and that’s hard to do, Even harder to say, when you know it’s not true, Even harder to write, when you know that’s a lie, There were people back home who tried talking to you, But then you ignore them still, All these questions they’re for real, like “Who would you live for?” “Who would you die for?”
And “Would you ever kill?”

These lyrics indicate that the song is quite direct, and with this, the artists or audience may believe the theme of the song “Ride” is about the journey of life. Throughout the song, the artist’s lyrics indicate that he feels like dying is easy, but to find something or someone to live for is life’s challenge, also relating to the quote “easier said than done” by an extent.

The Hate U Give: Book Update

Author: Angie Thomas

In my opinion, the most compelling internal and external conflict in the book “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas, is Starr’s conflict. Starr feels as she needs to “code switch” between Williamson Starr, her more kept away less “ghetto” version of herself, and her regular Starr, just her. Externally, Starr’s actions and the way she would handle things are very different when code switching. She makes a promise to herself to never ever let anyone see her as “ghetto” or “loud”.

Starr consistently claims that being cool as a black girl is different than being cool as a white person at Williamson, and since her school is dominantly white, she has to code switch. I believe that the internal conflict that connects with this is the way Starr didn’t really have the energy to code switch after the incident. She kept getting angry with people at school for making racist remarks and the subtle microaggressions. Usually, she would let it pass, but since shes been dealing with it so long internally and the incident, it all just came spilling out. Starr felt alone, embarrassed and confused because she felt as no one would understand her, she felt as she was betraying the black community, and she felt as all her hard work and energy she put into code switching was all for nothing because she had now been officially seen as “The angry black woman”. Stereotypical.

The book builds tension by explicitly describing the way Starr feels about her actions and code switching. The narrator is from Starr’s POV making the book more interesting and easier to connect with when her thoughts, emotions, and feelings are shared. Angie Thomas also leaves space for the reader to infer what she is thinking.

Reading Update: The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas hooks the reader in the beginning by instead of introducing characters and backstories right there and then, it starts in the middle of the main character’s life. The first couple of sentences start off by saying ” I shouldn’t have come to this party. I’m not even sure i belong at this party. That’s not on some bougie sh*t either. There are just some places where it’s not enough to be me. Either version of me.” This start of the book can hook a reader to keep reading in the state of curiosity. Where do they belong? Why don’t they feel like they belong? What are the different “versions” of them? Hooking a reader can mean getting them to wonder just at the beginning of the book. I do not think the reader needs patience for the plot to thicken or rising action to start because you can feel a sense of regret in the main character’s first couple of sentences. It made me feel as if I started the book in the middle of a “rising action” or a “conflict” so i did not need to await for anything interesting to occur.

The Little mermaid

The Little Mermaid, (the 1989 film), promotes a dominant narrative that women should sacrifice themselves and anything about them to adapt to a man’s needs. While Ariel is a confident female lead that sets herself apart from the rest by departing on adventures despite her obligations and restrictions as a mermaid, she still represents the dominant narrative when the prince comes into play. After falling for the powerful male character, she immediately focuses on doing anything possible to be with him, including giving up her own assets and life altogether.

One scene that feeds into my theme is “Poor Unfortunate Souls” starting at [43:42]. Ursula warns Ariel that if she chooses to become human and be with Prince Eric, she will never see her father and sisters again. Ariel takes a thought at it but impulsively decides to choose Prince Eric. She also decides to give up her voice for the man, barely thinking vigilantly.