Rebound Book Review

Rebound written by Kwam Alexander was a very good book. Charlie Bell is the main character and also the most complex. We see how he changes during the course of the book and we see many different sides when he goes to visit his grandparents. At the beginning of the book you need a little bit of patience but it picks up quickly. Charlie Bell has an internal conflict that relates to his external conflict, he’s going through a lot of changes in his life and demonstrated that with his actions. I would recommend this book to any reader but especially to people who are into basketball. We see how Charlie Bell found a love for basketball and connects a deeper bond with his grandparents but overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for anyone.

Rebound Book Update

During Rebound written by Kwame Alexander, the reader experiences many different feelings and emotions that Charlie Bell experiences. After Charlie packs his bags and moves to Up State New York for the summer with his grandparents, Charlie finds a love for basketball. Roxy, Charlie’s cousin, helped discover this love by putting her love and passion for the game in Charlie. This newly found love has helped Charlie sallow the tough pill of losing his father. The loss of his father has changed a lot in Charlie’s life. He wasn’t on the best terms with his mother right after the loss but they are working to get things back to normal. Along, with this new passion, it has made Charlie Bell more confident and has helped him get over the loss of his dad. With summer coming to an end it will be interesting to see how Charlie reacts when he returns home for the fall.

Rebound Book Update

Rebound by Kwame Walker is a book that develops through Charlie Bell. Charlie Bell is the main character who travels upstate New York to visit his grandparents. We see many different sides to Charlie. We see how Charlie goes from having a lot of built-up anger due to the loss of his dad but lets off a little of that steam when he talks to his mom for the first time about the loss. We also see his opinion on spending the summer with his grandparents. Charlie is fighting the internal conflict of losing his dad and not being on the best terms with his mom. Charlie was sent to live with his grandparents in the first place because he and his mother needed to spend less time together. There was a lot of heat between him and his mother and kept on developing so Charlie’s mother had no other option but to send him with his grandparents. Charlie and his mother are now on better terms and we see how Charlie changes over time from being a one side-seeing person to calming down and seeing both sides.

A Boy’s Duty “Next Year”

It’s been a while since I visited the cafe. I also haven’t seen my old friends since the last day before I left to join the Navy. I have three more years and then I’m off to college. I’ve met so many new people here in the Navy. Mostly People were sent here by their fathers because they weren’t behaving or didn’t have the money to get their kids through college. I’ve still been working on paintings and work. A new opportunity has opened up for me to show my paintings at a show. David a guy I met here says he would be happy to show my work at a show. “Are you ready for the big day? only three weeks left.” He says to me. “Yup, the painting is almost ready for the show,” I respond knowing I am not 3/4 of the way there. I’m hoping the painting sells well that way I can show that I can show my father that there’s more to life than a farm and I also need the money. I continue working on my painting It’s hard finding time to work on it for multiple hours. It’s not easy balancing between working on the painting and being in the Navy.
Three hours until the show and I finished my painting yesterday. I go to check into the show in the lobby of the local Marriot. “Table number 5, 3rd row.” The lady says to me when I walk in. I’m surrounded by art work that glows and sticks out. It is gonna be hard to get mine notice. After the long five hours I spent telling people about my work saying the same 3 lines, they announce whose art work sold for the most. “Congratulations, to all the contestants but now to reveal the biggest earning. The painting that sold for the most is Mr. Zakary in row 3.” I go to collect the money and think about what I will do with it. I know I will save most of it and it is also nice to have this money going into college.

Book Update and New Changes

Rebound a book by Kwame Alexander goes through the story of Charlie Bell’s life. Charlie and his mother have not had the same relationship ever since his father passed. Charlie and his mother get into a huge fight due to them not being on the same page, the new changes in their life, and other things that are going on in their life. As the summer rolls around Charlie Bell’s mother is fed up and can’t take it anymore so she sends Charlie to live with his grandparents in Washington DC for the summer. After brief talk Charlie’s mother leaves and Charlie finds out his one task to do all summer which is to take care of the lawn.

Analyzing Music Dying: “American Pie”

The song that shows poetry is “American Pie” by Don McLean. This shows poetry in the way that the song has a deeper meaning. The first example is the line

Can Music save your mortal soul?

That is saying that Music is the replacement for religion. The song starts off with him as a boy delivering papers and talks about how music had died.

I can't remember if I cried 
When I read about his widowed bride, 
But something touched me deep inside, 
The day the music died

This expresses emotion and uses the literary device of Imagery when talking about delivering the paper. The line “

Oh, and as I watched him on the stage, 
My hands were clenched in fists of rage
No angel born in Hell
Could break that Satan's spell
And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite
I saw Satan laughing with delight
The day the music died

That line says that the devil must have had something to do with music dying and how it was such a tragedy.

Rebound book update

Rebound by Kwame Alexander starts with an immediate good time which takes a dramatic turn. Every year Charlie Bell and his family would make a trip to upstate New York. Until something tragic happened. Charlie Bell and his family have to adapt to this new change. This book shows real-life problems that occur to many families around the world when the families are going through a hard time and just lost a loved one. 


In the movie, Mulan, the dominant narrative is that men are better in battle than women. the whole movie is about Mulan pretending to be a boy to fight for her father so that he won’t have to go to war. Mulan has to pretend to be a boy because women are not allowed to fight. Mulan ends up being the hero of the movie.