American born Chinese

this book follows multiple mini stories and can be confusing at times. Each small story has its own roll but they all collide in some way, this story is also a very good representiaon of the struggles of many people being able to make friends or get courage. The book shows off each person’s different and unique abbilitys and use throughout the story. This is a good read it would be a good book to have on hand, This book is also not that long and during the whole time you may get so into the book you will blow through it.

Be More Chill review

this book was a very good book to read for me it kept me reading the whole time. the book follows and boy in high school who wants to fit in better, so he decides to take action but those actions end up have there bad side show a bit more. this book for me was 5/5 very good book i would for sure to read this book.

“Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst”

by Kendrick Lamar -album “Good Kid” 2012

this sing was part of the album “Good Kid” from 2012, this song towards the start talks about how foster kids are treated, what they went through, and how they get around. In this song it has a many key hints that this song could be poetic for example, “Tired of running, tired of hunting. My own kind.” this line shows how many African Americans that go through the system our scared of what they have to face to get around. “These foster homes, I run away and never do miss’em.” this quote is a powerful view on how the system for foster kids can be ruff and sometimes very uncaring, and cruel. “Am i worth it? Did i put enough work in?” this quote really shows how the system can make kids minds warm into thinking they are never good enough.

reading update :we kill monsters

im reading the book called we kill monsters currently i am on page 64. this book hooks me from the start because there is already action going on in this book and it is very eye grabbing into this book and really makes me want to read more. this takes me into a new world because it has so many monsters at the beginning It has already started the plot and has took me into a new world and has made me really want to read more

the jungle book

The Jungle Book, originally published by Rudyard Kipling, promotes stereotypes of non-Western cultures and races as primitive and animalistic.

the scene that relates to this is the king Louie scene, The King Louie, the King orangutan who was speaking to Mowgli. The orangutan was basically based off of African Americans. It also portrays A. A’s as non human, apes, a real insult in the modern world as well. This part in the movie was racist.