We Are Okay book update

In the book We Are Okay the main character, Marin, is going through a tough time losing the people she loves. This creates a problem where she isolates herself and goes through a time of sadness. The story goes through her past and her present which explains the decision she’s made. She is conflicted on if she wants to return to the past or continue to go on the path she is currently on.

When Dimple met Rishi (Book Review)

When reading When Dimple met Rishi, the reader needs a little more patience. It is a romance book but it doesn’t start off as one. There is an incident where you might be intrigued but apart from that a reader must wait to see more. Since the book is romance, anyone who reads this could wish they were in that position and hope for that level of affection for themselves, so that immerses you into a new world. I know that I certainly want that type of romance in the future. In addition, Dimple is the most complex character in the book, she is set on the fact that she doesn’t want to follow anything her parents tell her to do. She wants to live her own life, find her own partner, and be a rebel. She feels strong emotions about this because she is 18 and doesn’t have to experience harsh things in life yet. She does experience some change in her personality, there are times when she is selfless and other times where she puts herself first. In some moments you are drawn in by how lovely the scene is but then the character gets a thought that just ruins it all, most of the time it’s Dimple. A sentence I feel describes this book is “Opposites attract.” There are a lot of cute scenes between the main characters so if a reader enjoys those I think they would love this book.

Be Cool for Once

In “Be Cool for Once” the character Shirin is a dynamic character. She starts off not being brave. She likes a guy but she’s never made moves on him. Occasionally she’d ask for a protractor or a sharpie in order to talk to him but she was awkward and still shy about telling him how she felt. She sees him at a concert by artists she enjoys and questions it because he didn’t like those artists. She’s under the impression that he is waiting for a girl. “She didn’t know how to be brave and be herself.” Later on she gets more comfortable and has real conversations with him. According to the text “I can kiss my elbow.” Shirin explains that’s something she can do but Jeffery ended up being the one not being able to. She thought he was perfect but him not being able to do that changed her opinion a little.

Additionally, she had a strong opinion about a movie about car chases but she did end up watching it because he liked it.”Bullshit, asshole. No one likes the tuna here.” She said that to grab his attention while he walked about to let him know she was interested in him, to let herself and him know that now she was brave and an adventurer. He decided to go somewhere hes never been just to see her and spend time with her while listening to her favorite band. “You came to see a band you’ve never heard.” He did this because he liked her and he knew it was her favourite band and that was the time he could be alone with her and cherish this moment. They kissed and held hands to the car they were going to leave in. She goes from being a shy, observer to someone who is adventurous and takes risks. The first time she goes to a concert by herself she gets a boyfriend. When growing up sometimes it’s okay to take risks, hiding in the shadows can cause you to miss out on things that can make you happy.

Reading Update:When Dimple met Rishi

The book When Dimple Met Rishi starts of with a girl who is passionate about web developing, it shows the struggles of a women trying to accomplish things without being brought down and told “your job is to be a good wife”. Dimple struggles with this problem and constantly fights with her mother about this issue. Dimple is not seen to be an average girl because is feisty, wears glasses and wears traditional Indian clothing. It hooks you by talking about a character being passionate about something and arguing on how her life doesn’t revolve around getting a husband. other than that you have to read more to get hooked.

The narrative in a woman’s life that she can’t make anything of herself unless she has a husband is a really popular narrative which is bad to put onto anyone. It shows you what kind of things people do for their loved ones and how they care. She really cares about what she wants to do in the future and that makes you want to know what happens in that future. It shows commitment and dedication.


My group’s thesis is about how the movie resists the dominant narrative of how women are less capable than men. It resists what women are traditionally supposed to be like. A scene that shows this is (41:17-41:03) when Mulan gets the arrow before anyone else could. She was able to do this by carrying weights that also proved she had discipline and strength.