Monster : by Walter Dean Myers

The main character, Steve Harmon is put on trial for murder after robbing a drugstore in Harlem and killing the store`s owner. The book is in the format of a screenplay, because Harmon wants to make his own movie and follows the events of the trial, where the jury decides whether he is guilty or not. When he is in his cell, he writes on pieces of paper and jots down his thoughts in his notebook. The trial brings in many perspectives to the case, such as a witness, a detective, and a rat. Will Harmon be a free man or will he serve 25 years to life in prison?

Six of Crows Book Review

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a fantasy novel about greed, redemption, and trauma. The story hooks you from the start with its intricate setting and complicated characters. The story is about six teenagers who all have troubled pasts that are working together on a heist in order to get enough money to turn their lives around. They each have a unique background and set of skills to their advantage, and the novel leaves you wanting to know what happens next in this action packed yet thoughtful novel. However what really makes this novel so great is how it switches points of view each chapter and offers us a glimpse into each of their minds and past lives. Once you start reading it, it is hard to stop so I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a fantastic futuristic dystopian book written by Ernest Cline. Cline introduces the story by describing this new event that takes place in the story then describes the main character in this new world that is barren, poor, low energy, and homeless. This book both figuratively and literally creates a new and interesting world to explore. This book makes me want to keep reading because there are always unanswered questions to find the answers to.

The Loop (update)

The Loop By Ben Oliver is a dystopian novel set in a future where the world is united under one government. The main character, Luka Kane, is an inmate in an AI-run solitary confinement prison called the Loop. Each and every day is the same as the last, and Luka has been there for years.

A change finally comes when the government mandated rain fails to fall, which starts a chain of events that causes the end of Luka’s monotony.

The action comes fairly quickly in this book, and hooks the reader from the very start. Definitely worth a read.

UPDATE: I have since finished the book! After getting to see the end, I once again recommend reading The Loop. The closer I got to the conclusion, the more on the edge of my seat I felt, and I was not disappointed. A thrilling end to an excellent book.

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han centers around the main character, Belly. Belly is completely obsessed with summer, so when her mom’s friend, Susannah, invites Belly and her family to their beach house each year, she is ecstatic. Belly is accompanied by her mom, brother (Steven), Susannah, and Susannah’s children, Jeremiah and Conrad. Isabel (Belly) Concklin has loved Conrad since she was a little kid, and although Conrad, Jere, and Steven treat her like a sister, she loves each one of them in a different way.

From the beginning, readers are hooked. The descriptive setting of their shared beach house makes readers want to be there with the 4 “siblings.” The apparent love triangle between Belly, Jere, and Conrad always leaves you wanting to know what happens next between the three of them.

The new world presented in the book is called “Cousins.” This is where the beach house that the two families reside in for the summer is located. The author makes you want to be able to visit Cousins as it’s portrayed as a beautiful stretch of land with beaches, whales, boardwalks, and so much other stuff to do! Overall the book has been really interesting and fun to read so far.

Reading Update: The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas hooks the reader in the beginning by instead of introducing characters and backstories right there and then, it starts in the middle of the main character’s life. The first couple of sentences start off by saying ” I shouldn’t have come to this party. I’m not even sure i belong at this party. That’s not on some bougie sh*t either. There are just some places where it’s not enough to be me. Either version of me.” This start of the book can hook a reader to keep reading in the state of curiosity. Where do they belong? Why don’t they feel like they belong? What are the different “versions” of them? Hooking a reader can mean getting them to wonder just at the beginning of the book. I do not think the reader needs patience for the plot to thicken or rising action to start because you can feel a sense of regret in the main character’s first couple of sentences. It made me feel as if I started the book in the middle of a “rising action” or a “conflict” so i did not need to await for anything interesting to occur.

Reading Update/Review #1

*Remember, avoid spoilers as much as possible, since your thoughts might inspire others to pick up the book.

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  • How does the book hook you from the beginning? Or does the reader need a little patience? Why?
  • How does the book immerse you in a new world? What are some details of that world?


If you completed a book, post a book review of at least one paragraph, which will include answers to some the following (these questions avoid questions of plot, which will help you avoid spoilers):

  • How does the book hook you from the beginning? Or does the reader need a little patience? Why?
  • How does the book immerse you in a new world? What are some details of that world?
  • What is the most complex character or characters in the book? What makes them round and dynamic?
  • What are the compelling internal and external conflicts in the book? How does the book build tension?
  • Would you recommend this book to any reader? Would you recommend it to particular readers? Why?