Response to Mulan Group’s Thesis

I agree with their thesis that Mulan challenges the dominant narrative that women are less capable than men. It demonstrates this by showing Mulan doing heroic acts that the men couldn’t do. I think the way the movie starts off helps to reinforce the challenging of the dominant narrative. At the beginning, Mulan is encouraged to be ladylike and let the men fight. However, Mulan decides to challenge the idea of what a woman should be and go and fight anyway. Even though she has to disguise herself, the movie still depicts how strong and powerful women can be.

Blogging Kickstarter: Disney’s Dominant Narratives

Make a short post in which you respond to another’s group argument, agreeing or disagreeing with their thesis and briefly explaining why.

Then …

Make at least one comment on one of your classmates’ posts — not just saying you like it, but providing a brief, but substantive response to their points.

More Class Blogs

For many years, we used the Blogger platform for my classes. Since it is owned by Google, it integrates pretty seamlessly with your Google accounts — which made it easy to use, in some respects — but it is a very limited and bug-ridden platform. So we have decided to construct a new class blog from scratch using the most more powerful and stable WordPress platform.

If you are interested, though, in seeing what past American Studies students have been thinking and writing about, feel free to wander over to Take Control of Your Culture.

You can also check out my senior AP Lit students who are presently blogging over at Story Power.