Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

From my past few weeks of reading I have come close to the ending but we’re still here for now but anyways from it seems that Rowan has been traveling around the city of Seattle searching for more clues to be one of the first to complete the school wide challenge which now has only a few players left a sworn enemy of Rowan and Neil due to their consistent bickering of their high school lives their has set sights to finish Neil off but Rowan has taken Neil hiding him taking him along with her soon growing more and more closer to Neil sharing more moments with each other, near their end of their school challenge for the prize money Neil has confessed to Rowan that she was his target to eliminate her from the competition but has had a change of heart after spending their day together sharing and enjoying each other’s interest’s but how shall Rowan react? find out next time.

Book Update: The Electric Kingdom

In the book The Electric Kingdom two groups of adventurers are traveling together to a similar destination. While in a forest they get cautious and decide to get out as soon as possible. When they get out of the forest they will part ways and continue their adventure in their own groups.

enders game

enders game is about a kid named ender who is a genius and is sent to a military program where he tries to make friends and alliances

the story is interesting from the jump and keeps you locked in

‘Salem’s Lot Book Update

‘Salem’s Lot by Steven King is a horror/mystery story about a small town that starts to have a lot of problems flying around when two boys go for a walk in the woods and only one comes out. The book has many interesting characters, and we get to see a little bit of each of them as the book switches perspectives in between them all so that, while the characters might not know what is going on, we the reader are able to piece the puzzle together based on the information that we can gather from the many different points of view that we get. One of the most complex characters in the book is Ben Mears, the main protagonist who the story starts with and seems to revolve around most. He is a dynamic character because of how he changes from when he was younger and more carefree, to being mature and more modest, as well as how he grows to be accustomed to the town since he had just moved in. He is also a round character, in that he shows that he has many different feelings and shows them throughout the book. Ben is an author, and most of his worries revolve around finishing his writing, but he can also make time to have fun with his neighbors, help others out when they need, and be a very responsible person when he needs to be.

Overall, it is a very interesting book, and the characters are very well made. It may take a while before it starts to pick up the action, but it is still a very good read.

The Dragonfly Effect book review

Gordon Korman’s 3rd book in this series was good, but not the best out of the trilogy. To me, the book felt like a lost opportunity to tie up loose ends and end the series with a bang. Even for a children’s fiction book, some events didn’t seem plausible or almost as if the author included them in the plot just so something could happen. Random characters from previous books kept being randomly inserted into the plot line, which may have been the author’s version of tying up all loose ends and trying to tie everything back together. The climax also seemed much shorter than most, and only occurred because the story would not have made sense otherwise. It was overall a good book, but I’m not sure it was worth reading. If you are looking for something to keep you occupied for a few hours this is the perfect fit, but otherwise it would be better to invest your time in a more intricate book.

Will it work?

Colleen Hoover’s book, It Ends With Us, is a fantastic book. I am over 100 pages into the story, and the characters are going through significant development, such as new relationships. Ryle and Lily have been deciding to finally date. Lily refused to date Ryle, but after some thinking they decided to start dating. Now Allysa (Ryles sister) isn’t a big fan of this, although she wont say it. I am also learning a lot about Allysa this week. Lily was invited to dinner with her mom, so obviously she is bringing ryle. But so far its not going so well. Will this relationship even work out? Or are Lily’s negative thoughts going to get in the way?

Rebound Book Review

Rebound written by Kwam Alexander was a very good book. Charlie Bell is the main character and also the most complex. We see how he changes during the course of the book and we see many different sides when he goes to visit his grandparents. At the beginning of the book you need a little bit of patience but it picks up quickly. Charlie Bell has an internal conflict that relates to his external conflict, he’s going through a lot of changes in his life and demonstrated that with his actions. I would recommend this book to any reader but especially to people who are into basketball. We see how Charlie Bell found a love for basketball and connects a deeper bond with his grandparents but overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for anyone.

The Leavers (Up to page 149)

I’ve gotten to part 2 of the Leavers, and it’s gotten a lot better in the recent chapters. A few chapters into part 2, the perspective switched to someone else, and while I was confused about this at first because I thought we didn’t know who this was, it turned out she was actually Deming (Daniel)’s mom, Polly. Deming’s mom has been a bit of a mystery after the first few chapters, and getting to see some of the story from her perspective is cool. The story shows a lot about her life raising Deming and, at least so far, it looks like Polly liked to raise him. Even though it was tough, she decided to keep raising him. This is kind of confusing.

The reason this is confusing is because, in the present, Polly abandoned Deming. So, I’m gonna keep reading because I want to know if there was a real reason Polly left Deming. The book usually goes from boring to interesting and then boring again, but since it’s interesting, It’ll probably get a bit boring after I find out why Polly really left Deming, but I’m still going to finish the book.

Dune Book Review

The book Dune by Frank Herbert is a complex novel which has the reader see through the eyes of a third person to see multiple sides of the story. The characters Paul and Lady Jessica, son and wife of the Duke Leto have the powers of the Bene Gesserit, a powerful political group which can read some minds and control what people do. They have just obtained knowledge of a traitor when they arrive on Arrakis, The two are suspicious of people in House Atreides after an assassination attempt on Paul. Will they find the traitor in their ranks and find out who is trying to kill Paul?

The Book Thief – Book Update

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a novel that follows a young girl in Germany before and during WWII. At this point in the book, the young girl, Liesel, is getting settled into her foster home. Her and her father have formed a wholesome bond and Liesel’s mother loves her, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. Liesel has also started to learn how to read and has developed a passion for books and knowledge. This is a really interesting book with many different plot points, I would definitely recommend.

A Little Life – Book Update

Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life, is a story about four friends from college navigating their way through life, overcoming their past traumas, and the one special person that connects them all. It’s very hard to get into the details of the book without spoiling it, so sorry if that explanation is very vauge. I’m nearing the end of the book and I’m loving it so far. I personally enjoy character-based novels a lot more than those focused on plot, but I can see the writing being very tedious for others. Rather than following one specific storyline, the story instead jumps around throughout the characters’ lives over decades describing their life experiences. The author takes her time setting the details of the story, making sure to describe every little detail as thoroughly as possible. I don’t think I’d recommend this book, despite how much I’m enjoying it, to anybody who thinks they may get turned off by this long, slow, and descriptive writing style. It also gets into some incredibly upsetting and disturbing content later on, and I cannot exaggerate enough how much I recommend looking into it before picking it up.

It Really Isn’t Summer Without You – A book review

Jenny Han’s It’s Not Summer Without You was a good book. After reading the first book in the trilogy, readers are easily hooked, wanting to know what will happen to Susannah, along with Belly and the boys. After Susannah’s death, the vibe of the book shifts. There is nobody to console the boys or act like a second mother to Belly. After finding out Conrad and Jeremiah are going to lose the summer house due to their dad they have to fight alongside Belly to save it. A lot of tension arises after finding out this news, which further strains everybody’s relationships.

All of the characters become more and more complex as the book shifts perspectives every few chapters or so. Overall, I really recommend this read to anyone who likes an easy read and would like to be hooked into a good series of books.

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

I know I haven’t posted at all but now i’m back with an update with the book i’m reading anyways… during the book our main character named Rowan has finally graduated high school and is now doing a scavenger hunt with her entire senior class and she has many adventures during this scavenger hunt which includes our other main character Neil who partners up with Rowan which leads them to deep feelings and deep talks with each other and bits of them come together as they go along with each other. thank you for reading this short update see y’all sometime again.

Opposite of Always

The book Opposite of Always is a very emotional book. Although, this book always has me on the edge of my seat. I can never get bored with this book. There is a quote that stuck out to me so far, it says ¨all the time traveled in the world can´t save the people you love.¨ This quote really explains the tone of the book.

Voices From Chernobyl book update.

I’ve been reading it and so far it’s pretty good. It’s hard to remember that all the stories in this book are real with how dang sad they are. The first story is about the wife of a fireman who went to the reactor without warning of the radiation. and all the others I’ve read so far are snippets and comments from survivors and those who chose to stay in Chernobyl .

The Electric Kingdom — Book update

The book The Electric Kingdom always has me wanting more, its filled with adventure and so far it is just the beginning. The book has every chapter set in a different character’s perspective and that makes it even more interesting. So far they have met up with other groups of people and adventured a lot so I cant wait to read more.

Rebound Book Update

During Rebound written by Kwame Alexander, the reader experiences many different feelings and emotions that Charlie Bell experiences. After Charlie packs his bags and moves to Up State New York for the summer with his grandparents, Charlie finds a love for basketball. Roxy, Charlie’s cousin, helped discover this love by putting her love and passion for the game in Charlie. This newly found love has helped Charlie sallow the tough pill of losing his father. The loss of his father has changed a lot in Charlie’s life. He wasn’t on the best terms with his mother right after the loss but they are working to get things back to normal. Along, with this new passion, it has made Charlie Bell more confident and has helped him get over the loss of his dad. With summer coming to an end it will be interesting to see how Charlie reacts when he returns home for the fall.

The Fellowship of the Ring and its Horribly Nerdy Prologue

I have only just started the Fellowship of the Ring, so instead of a review or update I am going to tell you about how Tolkien sets up his story, as well as his intricate worldbuilding.

The prologue is 20 pages long. It is written from the perspective of someone in the world Tolkien has created, who is reflecting on the events of the past(the present during the plot of the book). Tolkien’s books also exist in the universe, written after the events of the stories. So the narrator is a historian-like, unnamed character writing to an in-world audience. This creates the assumption that the reader already knows the basic history of the world. However you, the one actually reading it, probably don’t. The prologue names like 40 characters and 13 different countries, none of which you have to remember because if they end up being relevant they will be explained later. Tolkien was just a nerd who wanted everyone to hear about the tens of thousands of years he had mapped out of his fictional world. The prologue does explain what Hobbits are, and some of their history for context; as well as who Bilbo Baggins is and why he matters even though he is only in the first chapter. Once you get past that part it is a history textbook and can be very difficult to get through, honestly unless you’re super invested in who Meriadoc and Peregrin might be or how the time records of the Shire differ from that of the Elves, skip right to chapter one and save yourself the time.

Book Update- Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a very interesting book. the story is about a large group of boys who get stranded on an island. the main character, Ralph, finds one of the others boys who’s name is Piggy. The boys must find a way to survive and they wonder if there’s anyone else on this abandoned island. Ralph and Piggy spent time exploring and looking for new information on the island. Eventually they come across a beach shore and they find a shell. this shell is a conch and Piggy knows when you blow into a conch it will make a very loud noise. Piggy decides to blow the conch and it echoes throughout the island. Piggy and Ralph wait for a little and then they hear rustling in the bushes of the island. out comes a boy which eventually turns into a lot more. All the boys talk and realize there are no adults and they will have to survive on their own. they talk and agree that they should explore the island more. But not everyone can come on the exploration. Ralph will go and he decides to bring two of the boys on the exploration. the three boys leave from the beach and embark on an exploration into the island.

I am only 30 pages into the book but this is what i have taken away from it so far. This book portrays how boys will act in order to survive. I see it as a great coming of age story and how these boys will have to mature to survive on this island.

The Leavers

I’ve gotten a couple chapters into The Leavers and im liking it. It started off slowly, but it got a lot more enjoyable in the recent chapters. I’m still at a point where the book is introducing characters, but they do it well so it’s not that boring. The book’s main character is in foster care and the story goes through his time being adopted. Throughout the story he gets used to his new life, and I like how they do that.