Hollywood Through the Eyes of an Honest Alcoholic

In Charles Bukowski’s Hollywood, Henry Chinaski, a 65-year old writer, is writing his first screenplay. Amidst the instability of the movie stars and the continuous drinks that are poured, Chinaki’s screenplay is adapted into a movie. As he navigates the film industry, he witnesses the shallowness of Hollywood and how rare it is to encounter honesty. Despite these surroundings, he is able to maintain his character and not lose sight of his sense of self.

Bukowski’s wit and humor make this narrative very enjoyable to read. His short sentences and blunt commentary showcase how he is above pretentiousness and does not need to prove himself. He was a very talented writer and I look forward to finishing Hollywood and reading more of his works.

4 thoughts on “Hollywood Through the Eyes of an Honest Alcoholic

  1. Andy K.

    This sounds really interesting! I love books with a narrator like the one you’ve described. I’m not the biggest fan of realistic fiction, but I think I’ll give this one a shot at some point. Thanks for the recommendation.


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