Book Update- Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a very interesting book. the story is about a large group of boys who get stranded on an island. the main character, Ralph, finds one of the others boys who’s name is Piggy. The boys must find a way to survive and they wonder if there’s anyone else on this abandoned island. Ralph and Piggy spent time exploring and looking for new information on the island. Eventually they come across a beach shore and they find a shell. this shell is a conch and Piggy knows when you blow into a conch it will make a very loud noise. Piggy decides to blow the conch and it echoes throughout the island. Piggy and Ralph wait for a little and then they hear rustling in the bushes of the island. out comes a boy which eventually turns into a lot more. All the boys talk and realize there are no adults and they will have to survive on their own. they talk and agree that they should explore the island more. But not everyone can come on the exploration. Ralph will go and he decides to bring two of the boys on the exploration. the three boys leave from the beach and embark on an exploration into the island.

I am only 30 pages into the book but this is what i have taken away from it so far. This book portrays how boys will act in order to survive. I see it as a great coming of age story and how these boys will have to mature to survive on this island.

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